Terms & Policies

Accessing the web pages of infiniteLinx.ca and working with Infinite Linx subjects you to the following terms and conditions.

It is understood and accepted by you that any communication or information you transmit to Infinite Linx via the Internet is confidential. Any and all information and materials contained in these web pages are solely for your information and may not be used commercially nor may they be altered, disseminated or retransmitted.

Infinite Linx respects your right to privacy. Infinite Linx does not sell, trade or rent your personal information to others.

Infinite Linx makes no representations or warranties as to the accuracy of the information or materials you provide herein and Infinite Linx shall not be responsible for any loss or damage.

Website Payment

Upon finalizing all content provided to Infinite Linx and with the completion of your website’s full structure, you will be invoiced with 7 business days to make full payment.  If your website is still not ready to launch after 7 business days, you will still be required to make full payment of the balance before the launch of your website. Launch date is dependent upon your schedule.

Once you receive the link to review your website, it is your responsibility to prepare it for launch with any additional updates. After launch date, no more updates are covered except for minor content modifications. Extra fees may will apply depending on the extent of the modifications.

We accept EMT (Email Money Transfer), cheque payable to Infinite Linx, cash, or credit card via PayPal. Click here to make a payment.

Domain, Hosting & Email

Infinite Linx can purchase and transfer your domain names on your behalf under our domain account.  At this point, you will be the official owner of your domain name and can choose at any time to get it transferred into your own domain account.  Infinite Linx refuses to be involved in dishonest domain practices.

If your domain payment is not received on or before the renewal date, the domain name may be purchased by Infinite Linx automatically in order to save it however, this option is not guaranteed.  Upon subsequent defaults on the renewal of your domain name, Infinite Linx can then decide to not renew or sell the domain name back to you for the same amount times the expired years plus service fees.

Infinite Linx hosts your domain name yearly and it is non-refundable.  An invoice is sent out via email with sufficient time for you to make your payment on time. It is your responsibility to keep track of your annual renewal date and to let us know if your email has changed. If for any reason your payment is running late, we advise you call us asap so we may extend the system’s due date in order for your website and emails to avoid suspension mode (shut down). If you do not inform us via a phone call, text or email, the system will suspend your website the day after your expiration date.

We offer 99.9% server uptime. Regular maintenance is done Sunday evening and urgent server reboots are done immediately if necessary.

In the case of your hosting service terminated by Infinite Linx due to illegal practices, 30 days or duration of the domain expiration is given to you to find a new hosting and domain company. A refund of the remainder of your annual pre-paid balance will be issued after the 30 days.


There will be no guarantee on colours unless a colour key is provided or can be made by us for $200.00 (Approximately 24 hours for colour keys).  For jobs worth over $1000, 50% of the balance is due before print and the other 50% before delivery.

Website, Updates & Print Turn Around

Website: Once we receive your logo, content, and images, Infinite Linx will have your website functional within 1-2 weeks.

Updates: Updates to your websites takes 1-2 business days. Same day rush order fee is $50.

Print: Small print jobs generally takes 3-4 business days. We will try our best to provide your order to you on the turn around date. We do not guarantee a turn around date due. In the case of mechanical breakdowns of which your order may be delayed, we are not liable for any losses you may incur. You are still required to pay in full for your order.